Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Well, supposedly a week from today Alexis Wright's prostitution arrest file will be unsealed and we'll all know the nitty gritty stuff that went on who was involved. The names I've heard mentioned as being 'clients' of Ms. Wright's services run the gamut from town officials to trust funders and all in between.

I'd be interested in your thoughts concerning this matter.



  1. Bill, it appears that AW's prostitution arrest file, instead of being unsealed today as scheduled, was resealed for another 90 days, according to a source of mine.

    Any comment?

  2. This is the link to a comment by As Maine Goes moderator Naran, who I might add, refuses to comment any further and obviously knows MUCH more about the situation than she lets on.


  3. I'm sure she has given the authorities plenty of name, all to save herself. I really hope she goes down in a blaze! Charlie, I would like to email you personally.

  4. Sure Lil Lily. I'll be looking forward to it


  5. Well, it appears that the story is starting to break here in Maine. This afternoon, several media outlets online, and on television began reporting that an insurance agent named Mark Strong from Thomaston (when you google him, he comes up for insurance and fine art) was arrested this afternoon on charges of promoting prostitution. It was a result of an active investigation for the last few months conducted by Kennebunk PD and the Maine State Police.





  6. WHO CARES?? Kennebunk has so little going on that this is a big deal. The Puritanical biddies are going to be feeding on this rumor corn for a good year, because they have nothing better to do besides being outraged that prostitution has found its way to our precious town.

  7. I care! Cracks me up every time you say puritanical. Lol. Keeping my children safe from scum like her and I'm sure you is a must! If you don't like how pure we are here in Maine don't let the bridge hit you on the way out.